There are those that claim that raw milk is better, and those that won’t drink it unless it is pasteurized. But when we choose our milk, what do we know about how it was produced? Milk quality depends on the conditions livestock are raised in, and this influences the flavor, the nutritive value, and the presence of vitamins, digestive enzymes, good fats, etc. To get away from the dichotomy of raw or pasteurized, all it takes is for the consumer to make more prudent choices based on this information.

Chaired by: Cinzia Scaffidi, Slow Food Studies Center, Italy

Ton Baars
, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL), Germany
Maria Caramelli, Veterinary Medical Research Institute for Piemonte, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta (IZS), Italy
Roberto Rubino, president Anfosc, Italy
Gaetano Pascale
, president Slow Food Campania, Italy