To produce cheese and milk on a large scale, intensive farms and grain monocultures (especially corn) are often necessary. Monocultures mean using enormous amounts of chemical fertilizers, water, and pesticides. Artisanal cheeses, instead, are the product of quality milk made from animals that live for most of the year free in pastures rich with grass and flowers – the same flowers that reproduce thanks to the work of the bees and that allow the bees to live. This conference is made possible thanks to the support of the European Union and in collaboration with UNAAPI and European Beekeeping Coordination. At 9,30 pm, storytelling and songs by La Solitudine dell’Ape (The Solitude of the Bee) with Andrea Pierdicca and Yo Yo Mundi will follow in Piazza Caduti della Libertà, Bra.

Chairde by: Cinzia Scaffidi, Slow Food Studies Center

Carolina Cardoso, European Beekeeping Coordination
Francesco Panella, president National Union of beekeepers’ association (UNAAPI), Italy
Roberto Rubino, president ANFOSC association, Italy