Buffalo-milk mozzarella cheese is highly prized, but it is also the cheese most often caught in the eye of media storms. What can be done to spotlight the many more scrupulous producers of this type of cheese? What means does the consumer have when it comes to choosing good mozzarellas but also ones that are more respectful of food safety, environment regulations and the law? Communication and media play a fundamental role in conveying an effective message to expose infringements and shortcuts, without harming honest professionals.

Chaired by: Pietro Raitano, director Altreconomia, Italy

Ettore Bellelli
, buffalo-milk morrarella cheese farmer, Agriturismo Seliano, Paestum, Italy
Roberto Fiorillo, "Le terre di Don Peppe Diana-Libera Terra" Cooperative, Italy
Antonio Lucisano, director of the Consorzio mozzarella di bufala campana Dop, Italy
Gaetano Pascale, president Slow Food Campania, Italy