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For further informations about available places, please contact the “Reception Events” at Vicolo Chiaffrini, 2 – Bra, during the days of the event.

Academic Tables (Tavole Accademiche in Italian) is the meal service at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. This unique cafeteria brings together education, haute cuisine, fair pricing and local foods, and during Cheese it will turn into a youthful pop-up restaurant. After various experiences around Europe, including at the two-Michelin-starred Ledbury in London, Swiss-Italian Giorgio Ravelli, 31, took over the kitchen at Ten Bells in June 2012. A historical East London gastropub near Spitalfields, it is said that Jack the Ripper's victims drank regularly here. Giorgio recently left to set out on a new adventure, opening Brooksby's Walk  in a former public toilet in Clapton. Being Swiss, he claims that cheese holds no secrets for him. His dishes will be accompanied by a selection of beers offered by Radeberger Group.

Member: € 50,00

Non Member: € 60,00