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What exactly does a cheese affineur do? What skills and qualifications are required to practice the trade? The affineur has to be able to select cheeses where they are produced, identifying the ones that have a clear-cut personality in deference to tradition and typicality. Once they have been transferred to a suitable place, he or she has to take care of them continuously, repeating manual procedures for the time it takes, like a fancier. Here Giovanni Guffanti Fiori of Luigi Guffanti Formaggi 1876 in Arona will talk you through a tasting of cheeses that he has matured himself. They will be served with a selection of wines from Borgogno & Figli of Barolo (Cuneo), Brandini of La Morra (Cuneo), Fontanafredda of Serralunga (Cuneo) and Le Vigne di Zamò of Manzano (Udine).

Member: € 17,00

Non Member: € 20,00