Stables with 35,000 Friesian cows in Idaho, 85,000 in Saudi Arabia, soon 100,000 in China… the dairy industry has fallen ill with gigantism. The trend for growth is confermed in Europe as well. The goal is to produce huge amounts of milk at low costs, making money on the proceeds from biogas plants that burn the manure of thousands of cows. In France the Confedération Paysanne is saying no to the industrialization of agriculture, and the protests against a large plant near Amiens are echoing on an international scale. Hear the story of Usine and the thousand cows.

Chaired by Eugenio Mailer, Slow Food France

Laurent Pinatel
, Confédération Paysanne
Bruno Bernardi, director  of the milk producer association of Regione Veneto

English, Italian and French translation