The biodiversity of the meadows, rich in different species of grasses and herbs at different degrees of vegetation, give cow's milk pigments and aromatic and nutritional substances that modify its composition and appearance, which varies from white to straw yellow. The same richness reappears in processed products such as butter, yogurt and cheese. The pursuit of quality is not always rewarded with fair prices, however, since uninformed consumers prefer milk and its by-products to be pure white. How can the case for quality be made to prevail over simplification? How can a resource be prevented from becoming a limitation?

Chaired by Roberto Rubino, president of ANFOSC

With: Giampiero Lombardi, University of Turin
Francesco Di Iacovo, University of Pisa
Paolo Ciapparelli, President of Consorzio Salvaguardia Bitto Storico

English-Italian translation