The Alps and the Apennines are home to an extraordinary heritage of cultures and food production, but the people in these environments must face many challenges on a daily basis. What tools can be used to protect the farmers and food producers who choose to stay in the mountains and to promote the work of new generations who are investing in the future of these places? Slow Cheese defends the cheesemakers and herders who work in mountain dairies, protecting the pastures and local breeds and networking together the small-scale mountain cheesemakers.

Chaired by Sonia Chellini, vice president of Slow Food Italy

Fabrizio Ellena, Montemale land association
Juri Chiotti, Meira Garnieri mountain refuge
Denis Fourcade, Slow Food Presidium of Béarn High Pasture Cheeses
Andrea Colombero, Mountain cheesemaker from Istituto Lattiero Caseario of Moretta

French, English and Italian translation