From the Asturian pastures to the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands, Spanish cheeses are as varied as the landscapes that produce them. Around 200 traditional varieties bear witness to Iberian cheesemaking skill and the many identities and cultures of this land. This biodiversity, however, is under threat from standardization, thanks to a mistaken conception of food safety and hygiene. Spain is the guest country at Cheese 2015; small-scale producers, farmers, veterinarians and other experts from the dairy sector will introduce us to the panorama of cheesemaking in Spain today and the challenges they face. Conference organized in collaboration with Que Red , Red Española de queserías de campo y Artesanas.

Chaired by Rossend Doménech, journalist

With: María Jesús Jiménez, president of Que Red Española de Queserías de Campo y Artesanas
José Luis Martín, cheese-making technician
María Orzáez, Isidoro Jiménez and Pascual Cabaño, artisan producers, introduced by Remedios Carrasco, coordinator of Red Española de Queserías de Campo y Artesanas