What do two long-standing members of the European Union and two candidate countries have in common? They all face significant challenges when it comes to producing and selling their cheeses. As part of the Erasmus Plus project, Slow Food Italy is collaborating with Spain, Turkey and Macedonia in order to promote artisanal cheeses and ensure that the guardians of tradition can continue to produce cheeses that are safe and economically sustainable for consumers, without compromising their artisanal nature. Includes a tasting.

Chaired by Mabel Redaelli, Slow Food Italia
Remedios Carrasco, coordinator of Que Red (Red Española de Queserias de Campo y Artesanas)
Angel Nepomuceno, Que Red
Emanuela Ceruti, Slow Food Presidium Macagn
Elena Karovska, Slow Food Bitola, Macedonia
Yolande Moulem, Face network