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Erbusco in the heart of the Franciacorta district, the capital of Italian sparkling wine, is home to one of the country's great pastry chefs, Giovanni Cavalleri. At the friendly Pasticceria Roberto (of the Italian Academy of Pastry Chefs), yo ucan taste the specialties Giovanni turns out every day, much to the delight of the sweet-toothed. At Cheese 2015 he's been asked to address something of a tricky challenge: cheese in confectionery. For the occasion, Giovanni has come up with unique recipes such as torta ai tre formaggi, a sort of Italian take on the classic cheesecake, and more besides, including a cake specially dedicated to the event itself. In accompaniment, three versions of Moscato d'Asti (standard cork, Asti and passito).

Member: € 17,00

Non Member: € 20,00