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Cell phones, machinery, technology, noise … all the frenzy of everyday living. Yet there are people who have opted for a different existence; naturally, without having it imposed on them, without it being handed down. They own a herd or flock of their own, they live in isolated places, they milk their animals by hand, and they live by selling what they produce. This workshop is dedicated to four such people: Silvio Pistone of Cascina Pistone in Borgomale (Cuneo) with his sheep's cheese; Luca Grasselli of Cascina Lago Scuro in Stagno Lombardo (Cremona) with his cow's cheese; Renato Maunero of Azienda Agricola "L'Cravè" di Camerana (Cn) with his goat's cheese; and Sara Moscariello of Cooperativa Agricola del Pecorino Bagnolese in Bagnoli Irpino (Avellino).

Member: € 22,00

Non Member: € 25,00