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For further informations about available places, please contact the “Reception Events” at Vicolo Chiaffrini, 2 – Bra, during the days of the event.

The craft of cheesemaking is at risk of extinction, and along with it we risk forever losing flavors and techniques that belong to the cultures and identities of whole communities, from the mountains of the Romania to the meadows of the Poland, from the Norwegian pastures to the Belgium. Once the skills necessary to make traditional cheeses and other dairy products have been lost, they can never be recovered again. So we've put together a workshop with young cheesemakers from the Terra Madre network, to explore flavors, images and stories that tell the tale of the people who are protecting this ancient craft. Pairing with a selection of beers offered by Radeberger Group.

Member: € 22,00

Non Member: € 25,00

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