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The southern French region of Auvergne is home to some of the country's most famous cheeses, such as Saint Nectaire, Salers and Cantal. Despite the fact that cheesemaking traditions and techniques have been passed down for centuries, large holes in the production specifications have had a serious impact on cheese quality. In 2013, Hervé Mons, France's best affineur, set up a cave d'affinage here, to protect and support the traditional producers. This led to the creation of the Arvernes (Auvergne) cheese-aging fellowship, which respects a strict set of rules in regards to agriculture, cattle diet and milk use. Come and enjoy an exceptional tasting of Saint Nectaire, Salers and Cantal, produced with 100% milk from Salers cows.

Member: € 27,00

Non Member: € 30,00

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