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For further informations about available places, please contact the “Reception Events” at Vicolo Chiaffrini, 2 – Bra, during the days of the event.

A pleasure trip to rediscover the characteristics of our surroundings and reawaken our dormant sensory memory. A unique experience in which the Sigaro Toscano Antica Tradizione will meet the PDO Castelmagno d'alpeggio cheese of Soc. Ag. La Bruna, the Barbaresco of Paitin and the honey of Dario Pozzolo. You'll be accompanied along the way by Gianni Basso for Sigaro Toscano, Dario Pozzolo of the National Roll of Experts on the Sensory Analysis of Honey, and Maria Cristina Crucitti, the 'Cheese Storyteller.' The tasting is reserved to persons aged 18 years and over.

Member: € 15,00

Non Member: € 15,00