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For further informations about available places, please contact the “Reception Events” at Vicolo Chiaffrini, 2 – Bra, during the days of the event.

Great Tuscan and Piedmontese traditions meet in three symbols of historical excellence: the Contratto wine cellar in Canelli, established in 1867, Sigaro Toscano invented in 1815, and Caffè Converso, which opened in Bra in 1838. Here you'll smoke a Toscano Originale with For England pas dosè 2010 sparkling wine, red vermouth and a Fernet cocktail, followed by dulcis in fundo, the creations of Caffè Converso. Giorgio Rivetti, Stefano Fanticelli and Federico Boglione will lead you through this engrossing tasting. The tasting is reserved to persons aged 18 years and over.

Member: € 15,00

Non Member: € 15,00