Hear from farmers and scientists working to promote animal welfare how to benefit from it. Farmers and producers are invited to participate, share their experience and best practices on animal welfare and their thoughts on how to move forward Jointly organised with the European Commission and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Speakers: - Antonio Velarde, Director of the Research Group on Animal Welfare, Spain - Kalkoumdo Nosyama Gustave, Technical Adviser of Crus (Regional Committee of the Union of Producers of Sahel), Burkina Faso - Gulmara Baimakova, Breeder from the Traditional Dairy Food Community in Aqmola, Kazakhstan - Rita Moya, Coordinator of The Blue Egg Hen Presidium, Chile - Annechien Ten Have-Mellema, member of the Expert Group (Eu) on alternatives to surgical castration of pigs - Rubens Valentini, economist and rural producer, Brazil - Martina Tarantola, University Of Turin Moderator: - Rupert Ebner, veterinary expert for animal welfare, Germany