From Jewish and Armenian communities to Italian-Americans, from Turkish and Greek emigrants to the African diaspora: these are but a few of the migrant food cultures today. This conference will delve into the experiences of communities whose gastronomic cultures have been created or consolidated far from their origins.

Chaired by: Simone Cinotto, University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo

Introduction by: Rafram Chaddad, Tunisian-Israeli artist and cook


Kevin Mitchell, expert of Afro-American food culture and professor at the Charleston Culinary Institute, USA

Hedai Offaim, columnist in Haaretz, Israel

Rachel Black, Collegium de Lyon, France

Nedim Atilla, food journalist at Aksam newspaper, Turkey

Nilhan Aras, Editor-in-chief at MetroGastro, Turkey

Gherda Gherghiceanu, Saxon producer from the Tarnava Mare area, Romania