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Try and ask a German to decide who makes their favorite käsekuchen (cheesecake). They will undoubtedly respond: “My family!”. Over the years recipes have distinguished themselves thanks to the geography of the land and the constant movement of people. This flux has created a host of delicious combinations: one with a shortcrust pastry base, one without, one soft and fluffy, one dense and heavy, with a golden crust, or one that is well done, with 100% quark (a fresh cheese), or with the addition of cream, ricotta, mascarpone, or a New York style. A tasting of a variety of cheesecakes together with pies, and other sweets will be prepared by bakers from Kreuzberg del “Nashmarkt”, the covered market with traditional desserts organized in the Markthalle Neun. Lea Moser, a young baker from Princess Cheese Cake in Berlin will also contribute to the presentation. To be paired with sweet dessert wines from various regional German districts.

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